2016年9月7日 星期三

I love TAIWAN. Working Holiday in TAIWAN


Did you expect language barriers in Taiwan? Surprisingly, I experienced from the first hand that everybody can speak English here, at least on basic level. 

  When I take the bus or want to buy something or I just want to ask about directions in other cities, people understand basic words in English and not only the young ones. Firstly, the street names are familiar to everyone, so they make excellent keywords. Secondly, the shopkeepers can understand numbers, or the fact that you point at something or you hand the stuff over to the cashier together with the money. In overall, combining key words in English with body language always works for both the young and the middle age Taiwanese people. 
  In the Elementary School and the High School, English is one of the subjects, such as math or literature. They understand basic words, but you do well to repeat the same thing over with different choice of words. Likely, one of them will cover, what they learned in the school.

Food and Drinks are not necessarily different to the western ones, but some resemble Taiwan. Most restaurants open only in school hours to sell lunch boxes to students for reasonable price. If you happen to come to Taiwan, you might want to check them out. There are restaurants in Jhubei specialized only on sea food and also canteens for the physical workers. In overall, every place is different and offer at least one thing that you can find only in Taiwan.
  As everywhere, people eat with chop sticks from the main course to the desserts. The most funny thing is to eat soup with them. Besides that, I was surprised that sometimes we eat only soup for lunch and we call it "noodles". In west, or at least in Hungary soup is only appetizer, a first course before you start the main one. Here soup is "noodles" and "noodles" can be your lunch without any side dishes. If you want to try something really Taiwanese, I can recommend stinky tofu, or pineapple cakes or any sea food. If you want to drink something healthy, dragon fruit juice is the best choice. People generally don`t cook, they go to restaurant or canteen religiously, because it`s more affordable compared to the incomes than in the West. Most families don`t even have a kitchen and don`t even feel that they need one. Housewives work as much as the men in Taiwan, so they want to save as much time on the housework as possible.

  I love to talk about food and drinks, but having some might be better than describing it. Come to Taiwan and be my guest. :)

Typhoon Megi ploughs into Hualien, Taiwan on 27th Sept 2016

Taiwanese Typhoons are overwhelmingly intense, but seldom dangerous to people indoors, giving always an unforgettable show about the mother nature's power. I have been able to experience this phenomenal from the first hand in several occasions and you might want to see and feel it too. (Only from the balcony of course.)

  If you happen to be from the States, the look of a tornado is likely familiar. Just imagine one with the size of five states or three times of Taiwan's. This gigantic storm moves 300-400 km/hour, faster than a jet. Besides that, the whole mass circulates like a tornado, whipping the ground with enormous amount of water with surprising speed, just like a landslide size machinegun. Fortunately, this phenomenal is seldom dangerous, because every family, office and shop closes until this "not official holiday" is over, announced by the government. You might want to shoot a video, or just enjoy the show from a safe balcony.

  However, be careful with the "Super Typhoons", which cut trees literally into half in front of your eyes, meaning still no danger to people indoors. I took a picture as a souvenir of a tree cracked into half from the branches to the roots, standing as a sign of mother nature's destructive power. In the other street, a large branch fell on a car smashing the car flat and making the owner feel "flattered" next morning, when he saw it.

  Fortunately, the responsible authority provides update weather forecast and announces the typhoon holiday in time, so people stay at home taking no risk. In addition, this is unexpected day off provides a golden opportunity for busy parents to spend some time with the kids or for internationals to experience something really Taiwanese. Are you interested now to come? :)

LiveABC Diary 18.09.2016 – 逢甲 Night Market

Hey Taiwan, thanks for welcoming me with yummy food and delicious drinks! If you want to try dozens of seafood, beef and “vega” snacks, if you want to choose of millions of Asian fruit juices, don`t forget to check out the night markets.
Public holiday is always a rare and precious gift in Taiwan, so you don`t want want to waste any minute of it! Last Friday, during the Moon Festival Jiannguo Huang, Beetthany and her mom introduced me the place in Taichung, because I was a guest in their house. Just imagine ten streets full of small shops and street merchants everywhere trying to sell their stuff regardless if you need it or not. Like a small Dubai! J You can buy everything from to the Italian pizza with sea weed and sweet frog eggs to the most expensive electronic gadgets, even drones. The most popular and traditional food is the stinky tofu with spicy sauce. Don`t forget to try it. The guava juice is quite yummy but slightly too sweet. If you order it, go for the low sugar. 
Most obviously people don`t go to the night market only grab the stuff they need and to run away, but they spend amazing time with friends or with the family. In certain areas, you can play games, like archery or Chinese paintball. I hit three balloons with ten shots. Aiming with the bow is not easy, but fun. Anyway, I saw only happy people in the night market.
In overall, if you want to explore a night market in Jhubei or Thaichung just ask me, or Jiannguo Huang and we can show you around. The best place to have fun!

Adam Mack

LiveABC Diary 12.09.2016 – Fish Market(新竹南寮漁港 Hsinchu Fish Harbor)

Hey Taiwan, thanks for welcoming me with bright sun and salty fresh breeze at the seaside! The country is guest friendly and pretty famous for fish markets and night markets, so you likely want to check them out.
The reason I love to go to the fish market and also invited my Mainland-Chinese girlfriend for dating in such a place, because the atmosphere is awesome. The whole area is romantic, very busy, but from a point of view in the middle of nowhere. Just imagine a big bunker with multiple floors, small markets with different kinds of fishes and people. … Many people. Besides that, there is an open market outside to have some seafood snacks with your friends. Just imagine, your lunch is alive or sadly passed away just recently and tastes great! You can take any gizmo creatures to hand it over to the chef who will bake it or roast it as you like. Most importantly, there are restaurants on the top floor with romantic view to the sea and reasonable prices. I will never forget the date there with Yangzi.
The school principal and my good friend, Jiannguo Huang and his wife, Betthany introduced me the place, because they also had great time there. We had roasted fish with the eggs inside and pink dragon fruit juice, which grows only in Taiwan! A lot of kids love to fly kites in the backyard and the beach is welcomes you with bright sun and salty fresh breeze.
  Obviously, the fish market is next to the beach, so you need to take train to Hsinchu and bus number 15 to the last station, which takes for overall one hour. The place is really a culture-shock, just check it out, have some seafood, fly a kite or just walk at the seaside, … and most importantly come to LiveABC. ;)

Adam Mack

Working Holiday in TAIWAN
with Live ABC

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  • Teacher’s dormitory
    We provide
    Wi-Fi InternetTVcomputerwashing machine
    You have to pay NT1000/week ( water and electricity )
  • We provide a bike or a motorcycle

Notes for Working Holiday Visa Holders

  1. Validity of Visa
    The visa is valid for a period of 12 months. Visa holders may enter Taiwan from the date of issue until the date of expiry of the visa.
  2. Duration of Stay
    The initial duration of stay shall be 180 days, which may be extended while the visa is still valid. Application for extensions shall be made to the National Immigration Agency service center in the city or county where the working holiday maker stays 15 days prior to the initial duration of stay expires. The total duration of stay will be no more than one year from the date of entry into Taiwan.
  3. Entries
    Working holiday makers shall be issued multiple entry visas, which allow for multiple entries to and exit from the Republic of China during the validity of the visa.
  4. Activities after Entrance
           (1)Work permit not needed
               As long as in accordance with the purpose of entry, working holiday makers may work legally during their stay in the Republic of China to earn their living expenses. However, they should not work for the same employer for more than 3 months (The working holiday visa holders from Korea, Japan, Canada and the U.K. are exempt from this limitation; visa holders from Australia should not work for more than 6 months.) In accordance with Article 4 of “Regulations Governing the Permits for Employing Foreigners and Management”, working holiday visas issued by the ROC Embassy, Consulate and overseas missions shall be regarded as work permits. Therefore, visa holders do not need to apply for a work permit with the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan. However, those who engage in professional or technical work shall meet the necessary qualification and laws of registration for practice required by the Republic of China. In addition, visa holders should not work for longer than the validity of the visa. For more information on related employment regulations, please log on to the website of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training of the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan:
          (2)Study Time Limit
As the main purpose of working holiday makers is not full-time studies, applicants cannot undertake any formal courses other than Chinese language courses in Taiwan of no more than 3 months duration. The language centers of Universities recognized by the Ministry of Education shall be based on the latest list announced by the Ministry of Education. The working holiday visa holders from Australia may enroll in any training or study course up to four months duation during the course of their visit to Taiwan. Please browse the website of ministry of find this information:http://english.moe.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=1
          (3)As for tax payment related to employment, please refer to the website of the National Tax Administration of Northern Taiwan Province, Ministry of Finance :http://www.ntx.gov.tw/English/EnglishIndex.aspx
         (4)Information for foreigners, please browse:http://www.immigration.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=2

29.08.2016, Monday
I had a Level 3 and a Magazine Class today with bright and funny students. They are very enthusiastic about learning English. The summer holiday is finally over, so the classes are not as small as before. Eight kids joined the Level 3 class and Howl is the only boy. We learned some vocabulary and also sentence structures. Doing homework is not a problem in this class because the girls always hand it over on time, however Howl needs a little help. Besides the Level 3 class, I had a so called Magazine Class, which covers basically the school`s language study magazine.

30.08.2016, Tuesday
I teach the Starter Class on Tuesdays, five awesome young girls. They are really enthusiastic and willing to learn English. Firstly, we planned to offer this lesson to an interviewee, who applied for a position to work here. However, this idea was cancelled and I did the Starter Class. I used the digital smart board to play some vocabulary games, such as labeling the pictures and the “pair game”. Later, I had a Magazine Class with six boys in the other building and we learned about the “Famine Events”.

31.08.2016, Wednesday
I teach two classes on Wednesdays, namely the Level 5 and the Level 7. There are three students in the Level 5 class and a new student, Hellen joined us from today. Her level is slightly higher than Ben’s, Kimi’s and Justin’s. I should spend some time with two of the boys to complete the previous lesson’s homework, however their daily schedule is tight, so finding them, when they are not busy is rather difficult. Besides this class, I had Level 7 today and we had a unit 3 test. Their scores are high. This class is quite diverse, because Ryder is a very talented high achiever student and the others have much room to improve with the grammar… Anyway, the class is awesome. J

01.09.2016, Thursday
 I teach the Level 2 and the Level 10 classes on Thursdays. There are twelve awesome young students in the Level 2 one. Some of them joined us just recently. Despite the fact that controlling the class is rather difficult, I do it pretty well, because they listen to me and do what I say. However, this day was a little difficult, because we had to do Unit 7 test, we had to do two pages from the Student Book and two from the Reader Book and most students didn`t do homework. Therefore, we had to do it during the lesson. Finally, we completed everything, but the students are very young and couldn`t write as quickly as the syllabus expected from them. Their scores were low. However, we always have a chance to repeat the test during the next lesson, so we will redo the test, so the parents won`t feel disappointed about the low scores. The Level 10 class is quite the opposite, we have only two, but very mature and disciple students. We had a unit 1 test, both Lana and James had 94%. To sum up, I love both classes.

02.09.2016, Friday
 I had the freshly started Level 1 class and some private teaching on Friday. We cancelled the Reader Class, because everyone joined one of the “Come to Life” classes. We do both the Level 1 books and the Sound It Out book in the Level 1 class. Nina, Vito and a shy girl, Wawa joined the class. Later, Wawa opened up, like a small flower we had great time together.